World Snake Day at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

With over 350 species of reptiles, South Africa is the most reptile-rich country in Africa.  Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is home to a variety of snake species, but they are elusive and [...]

Wilderness is vital for Wellness

Wellness is described as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.  Wellness can be described in many dimensions, where we strive for [...]

Running 50 Miles for Rhinos!

Conservation of habitat and species at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve runs in the blood of all our staff. Recently two of our Sanbona APU scouts (anti-poaching unit) volunteered to participate in [...]

A Collaboration for Conservation

Earlier this month, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve bid farewell to two formidable and much loved young lions, a coalition of males that had been born on the reserve. Turning 4 years [...]

Behind every strong woman, is herself.

To be a game ranger needs great passion and energy for wilderness and conservation, a mind open to learning, plus a love of sharing your passion with people.  We were [...]

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