By Marco Fitchet

Senior Guide, Sanbona

This Saturday, on the 22nd of September, Africa and the world will be making a huge statement by saying “Enough is Enough!” Over the last 4 years almost 1 400 Rhinos around the world have lost their lives and for what? Rhino horn is nothing more than Keratin, the same protein that you will find in hair and fingernails.

One of the main problems we have in the protection of these gentle giants is the cost involved in setting up Anti-Poaching units. This is a specialised job and one riddled with danger. These guys are the real heroes and unfortunately they do not receive the necessary credit that they really deserve. Every day they put their lives on the line without any questions asked. Training, equipping and motivating these dedicated units are costly but integral in achieving successes in Rhino protection.

Events and efforts like the “FOREVER WILD” weekend held at Sanbona and the Shamwari Group Rhino Calendar which is being unveiled today are paramount in creating an awareness of the strife of the Rhino.

We need to be the voice and we need to make sure we are heard. We are responsible for Rhinos being here for the next generation and generations thereafter.

Some websites worth visiting:


1. Javan Rhino population – fewer than 50
2. Vietamese Javan Rhino – EXTINCT (2010) SUMATRAN RHINO
3. Sumatran Rhino population – fewer than 200
4. Borneo Rhino population – fewer than 30 INDIAN RHINO
5. Indian Rhino population – fewer than 3000 BLACK RHINO
6. Black Rhino population – fewer than 5000 WHITE RHINO
7. Southern White Rhino population – 20 600
8. Northern White Rhino population – 7 individuals
Here are some shocking statistics: