I have been at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve for almost three years now. The road to this magnificent place was a long but enjoyable one. I grew up about 70 kilometres from the reserve, never realizing that I would return home one day. Growing up in a family of nature loving people paved a path that guided me into an industry which is not about the money, but about a lifestyle.

As a young boy I could never wait to visit my grandparents on their farm. The stories my grandfather used to tell us around the coal stove with the dim light of paraffin lamps flickering on the walls of his study will stay with me for life. For a boy my age the days were always too short. I was king of the world and with my two best friends named Boel and Stompie (my grandfather’s dogs) we conquered the outdoors, never returning home without some kind of insect, lizard, bird or whatever I thought I could turn into a pet.

By having developed a passion for the outdoors from such a young age I guess it became inevitable for me to really do anything else. I studied wildlife management and completed various guiding courses. I have been involved with the training and assessment of nature guides, game rangers and trackers since 2004 and I had no doubt as to what to do when I was offered the Ranger Manager position at Sanbona.

I think we have a tremendous responsibility to act as guardians of this wonderful planet our creator has given us and what better way to do it than be a ranger. Whether you see an animal being killed by a predator or another giving birth to continue the circle of life, whether you witness an African sunset or teach your guests about our beautiful environment and making new friends, this must be the most rewarding job in the world.

Sanbona offers the visitor the opportunity to experience a part of South Africa which is still unknown to many and a better place to live out a dream will not easily be found.

Danie Lourens
Ranger Manager
Sanbona Wildlife Reserve