Sanbona Wildlife Reserve does not rely on Municipal water supplies, as water for the Reserve has always been supplied through boreholes on the property.  Therefore, the taps which are scheduled to be switched off on “Day Zero”, in Cape Town and immediate surrounds, would not affect the water supply on the Reserve nor the guests’ experience.

With this said, as guardians of this wilderness reserve, and in keeping with our management philosophy of ensuring the reserve is sustainable in the long term, we have implemented water saving initiatives at all our lodges for quite some time now.

Guests are advised of the water crisis in the Western Cape by our Management Staff and informed on how they can help to conserve water during their time with us. Steps such as taking short showers instead of baths (plugs have been removed from bath tubs), not letting the taps run unnecessarily, only flushing toilets when needed and reusing towels in the rooms more than once, can really help the present situation.

We only use grey water on the gardens at the lodges and our staff have received training on how to manage the water usage while performing their daily duties.

Regrettably as the water level in our dam is extremely low our boat safari is currently not operational but with so many other magical experiences to be had at Sanbona we know our guests will still leave with special memories of their time with us.