We’re going under cover to find out what Sanbona Explorer Camp is all about and why you should be booking your next wilderness safari at Sanbona.

Casper Bester himself, taken by friend and co-ranger Reinard van Zyl

The Explorer Camp ‘guru’, Casper Bester, gives us all the inside information. Casper has been with Sanbona for a little over 5 years, but shortly after joining the team he opted to hang up the game viewer keys and put on his hiking boots.  

In case you have not heard of it, the Explorer Camp a two-day journey offering adventurous guests an authentic walking experience to explore the harsh arid landscapes of the Klein Karoo on foot. The camp is a seasonal camp, remotely located along a beautifully shaded riverbed.

Guests are invited to camp out in luxury tents and enjoy evenings around a campfire. Small and intimate, the experience offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature on a personal level, while enjoying the premium hospitality extended from Casper and the camp hands.


Completely off the grid
, with no access to modern day conveniences such as: electricity and running water, the camp was stringently designed as a zero-impact structure that can be taken down at any point and will not leave any negative footprint on the environment.

Don’t worry, the team won’t leave you cold and in the dark, all amenities within the camp have been designed to cater for the surroundings, the team even stay in camp with you to make sure that you are safe and cared for throughout the experience.

We were able to catch up with Casper directly to understand a little more about the experience from his perspective:

What make the Explorer experience so unique? How it is different from the standard game drive/ guest experience?

The fact that you get to walk around experiencing this wild semi-desert on foot, getting so close to nature that you can taste it, and possibly seeing some of the worlds most endangered wildlife. At the camp you get to sit with your toes in the sand around the camp fire, looking at the stars while having dinner and hearing the quiet of the Karoo nights. All this gives you a glimpse of how the San people would have experienced this area around 500 years ago.

What is your favourite part about the experience?

THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!! Being able to share my passion for the wild with the Explorer guests and create an unforgettable weekend for every person. No weekend is the same, every camp we do is unique, we get to see different sections of the reserve and truly explore.

What is the most memorable experience that stands out in your mind from all the tours you have hosted?

There are so many, but there is one very special event that stands out: after crawling close to a Rhino bull inside the riverbed, the gentleman stayed down on his knees and asked his girlfriend to marry him while we were watching the big bull grazing. She wanted to scream with joy, but I to keep her calm until we were safely away from the rhino and then she let loose with tears of joy.

Why do you think everyone should experience it at least once in their lives?

Purely because this is an extremely unique setup in the most wonderful area of South Africa, the Little Karoo, with great service and so much to see and learn in your 2 day stay. Not only learning about the historical ways of the San people, but also the concept and challenges of conserving the beautiful protected area.

Casper’s enthusiasm is infectious, his passion and love for the Little Karoo comes across in every sentence, carefully guided footstep and avidly accurate animal sound he makes (not to mention entertaining). Casper paints a vivid picture of what goes into conserving a reserve such as Sanbona as well as the ecological importance of this area.

And if you still don’t believe us, have a read through one of the many reviews posted on the Explorer Camp here: https://www.getaway.co.za/wildlife/luxury-klein-karoo-sanbona/

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