Our Rangers at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve experience incredible wildlife sightings on a daily basis.  Lucky for us, they are also great photographers and enjoy sharing their pictures and videos with us.

Being passionate about wildlife and wilderness areas is a given for our Guides, and they are determined to share these unique experiences with our guests Mention something you would like to see, and our Rangers will do their utmost to ensure you get the sighting and the pictures!

Apart from ensuring you have memorable wildlife experiences, our Rangers will also ensure you have a chance to soak up the magnificent Sanbona landcape.  Sunrise & sunset stops give you the best vantage to enjoy spectacular displays of light over the little Karoo, while sipping a beverage of your choice.

If you have missed all the ranger photos we have shared on our Facebook page recently, then enjoy this recap.

This very inquisitive buffalo calf kept a good eye on us, while the herd moved to the water. 
Photo by Ranger Marco Fitchet

Reflecting after an eventful week in the Karoo wilderness. – Photo by Ranger Gerhard

Elephant’s having a drink at Bellair Dam, with views of Gondwana family lodge in the background.  Photo by Jomarie.

A young king within his kingdom of Klein Karoo. Standing proud in the morning lightPhoto by ranger Chelee Brown.

A male cheetah spending some quality with one of the females. Hopefully we will have some cubs in the next couple of months. Photo by Ranger Casper  

Ranger Jordan and his guests were lucky enough to watch this kill from start to finish, of a cheetah taking down a springbok.

A hunter’s full moon. The two brothers scenting prey as the sun sets, with strong wind in their favour. Photos by Ranger Jordan.

Cape mountain zebra enjoying the early morning sunshine. Photo by Ranger Jordan.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve Soon!