At Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, we have three tranquil Relaxation Retreats for guests to enjoy in between the daily game drives and wilderness walks. These three spa sanctuaries offer all natural products and an extensive menu prepared by our highly skilled therapists.

Let us take you on a relaxing spa journey ….

Dwyka Tented Lodge offers you a chance to relax, breathe in the pure Karoo air and take time for yourself, whilst enjoying our holistic products. The majestic mountains and unique setting create the perfect location for pampering in the middle of the magnificent Karoo, all the elements indulging your senses and enriching your spa escape.

Our Retreat Manager talks us through one of our signature treatments:   The Lion Scrub, Wrap and Massage. The first step is to scrub your body to prepare your skin, and then cocoon you in a gel or clay wrap to stimulate all the active enzymes, to prepare your body’s natural healing process. After a refreshing shower, your skin feels revitalised and supple. Finally, we tend to your muscles and activate your nerve endings, rekindling the energy in your body. All this in one of the most beautiful and serene locations imaginable.

Gondwana Family Lodge – the word says it all, family. This retreat is for everyone, Mom, Dad, Grandparents and even the little ones have their own choice of treatments. Our premium range of African spa products enhance and reaffirm a healthy family lifestyle, but we are aware that family time is precious whilst here, so the Stress Buster Treatment is ideal. It offers total relaxation from head to toe! Starting with your back, neck and shoulders, moving to your toes and finally a soothing scalp massage.

The historical Tilney Manor – our cosy, home away from home. While you are here, take advantage of the amazing views from the pool terrace overlooking the vastness of this Karoo wilderness, which is invigorating in itself. Aside from the extensive treatment menu, you can also enjoy the sauna and steam room to help you relax. The Hot Stone, Back, Neck and Shoulders Treatment is very popular. Smooth heated volcanic stones are used in a flowing massage motion over the back, heating up the muscles. Then magic hands softly manipulate the muscles to completely relax and finally, applying a cool gel to repair the muscles.

Your journey at any of our three Relaxation Retreats starts with a simple exhale whilst our skilled therapists nurture, pamper and soothe you with an array of unique treatments and therapies.

Written by Elize Strydom, Retreat Manager