Sanbona Wildlife Reserve’s Spa Retreat Manager, Elize, talks to us about how to survive the dry Karoo Summer while on Safari.

Summer seems to bring out the best in everyone however it isn’t always kind to your skin. What are the most common complaints during the dry season?

A very common problem in summer would be damage from sun exposure and dehydration combined with congestion, as one tends to perspire more often.  It is important to apply your SPF every day. Sanbona also has a skincare product called Skin Renewal Gel which is excellent for hydration. It contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties which assist in easing the painful effects of sunburn. The Soothing Balm and Complexes are also excellent products to sooth and protect skin from the harsh elements and skin dehydration.

Because of the dry heat, what are the regimes that people often start to overlook/ skip during summer?

They tend to overlook or neglect to apply the correct moisturiser and sunscreen. Some feel that because they are perspiring more, they don’t need a moisturiser. It is also important to exfoliate once a week to prevent an excess of dead skin cells which causes congestion. We offer an excellent exfoliator made from volcanic ash which helps absorb impurities.

Any tips for maintaining perfect skin throughout the year?  

  • Choose a good cleanser that doesn’t contain harmful sulphates as they tend to dry and strip the skin.
  • Use an alcohol-free toner to prep the skin for moisturiser or serum.
  • A serum or booster like the complexes offered at Sanbona are excellent for use after your toner as they treat the skin and help with achieving and maintaining your skincare goals.
  • Use the correct moisturiser for your skin type and use a daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 right through the year.

Why is it beneficial to use sunscreen throughout the year?

UVA rays are consistent throughout the year and day. It is a very long ray and can penetrate through windows. Computer screens also emit UVA as well as florescent lights used in homes and offices. UVA rays contribute to ageing and they aren’t felt like UVB rays which burn the superficial layers of your skin. We recommend using reflective sunscreens rather that high factor chemical sunscreens.

What is the difference between Chemical and Reflective sunscreens?

Chemical Sunscreens are the high factor sunscreens. Normally higher than SPF30. The chemicals are absorbed into your skin and the sunscreen neutralizes the sun rays under the skin. This can cause skin irritations or even pigmentation. Your skin’s natural protection mode is to then create Hyper Pigmentation – darkened patches or spots on the skin. Reflective sunscreens are the better choice and they are normally the lower factor sunscreens. They don’t penetrate the skin but sit on top of the skin preventing sun rays from being absorbed thereby reflecting rays away from the skin. At Sanbona we offer reflective sunscreens.

Should we be changing our skin care products throughout the various seasons?

Yes, you will notice your skin changing as the seasons and weather changes. It is important to adapt your skin care routine each season as in winter there is less moisture in the air which leads to skin becoming more dehydrated and sensitive. It is good idea to make use of a booster product like the Vitaderm Aromatic Complexes or Soothing Balm to seal in the moisture.

What is the difference between being dehydrated and dry?

The difference between dehydration and dryness is that dehydration is a lack of moisture or water in your skin and dryness is a lack of oil. Dehydration leads to premature aging and skin becomes sensitive and red. It is important to use the correct home care to combat these conditions. Introduce ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid into your home care routine which helps alleviate dry skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeds up wound healing.

What is the best treatment that can be enjoyed at the lodges during Summer?

Sanbona Spa offers excellent hydrating face and body treatments one of which consists of a smoothing exfoliator to rid the skin’s surface of dead cells, followed by a relaxing massage and ending off with an Ultra Hydrating Face and Body mask leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated.

The Little Karoo, while dry, is truly the best place to escape from the bustling city and your digital devices for a 2 to 3 day mind and body detox.  The vast open spaces and abundant fresh air, along with restorative spa treatments will soothe your soul while you connect with yourself and your surroundings.

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