Living in the Karoo, we know all too well how important water is and that’s why we have many water-wise initiatives in place to safeguard this precious resource here at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

Dwyka Tented Lodge’s gardens are created using indigenous plants, trees and shrubs, which need minimal watering. When needed, we only water the Gondwana and Tilney gardens at dawn or dusk when the temperatures are lower in order to get maximum ground soakage.

Guests are urged to reuse towels when possible, which alleviates water usage in the housekeeping department. Dual flush toilet systems are also installed in the rooms as well as low flow shower heads and taps, which help enormously.

Some of the boreholes on the reserve are solar powered, which includes the ‘watering holes’, which are in place for the wildlife. We have water storage tanks at all three lodges as well as at the staff accommodation village. A grey water system, which goes through triple filtration is utilised as part of our garden irrigation. We are currently working on water-purification machines, which will allow guests to refill their own water bottles instead of using throwaway plastic bottles.

Our gardens are created using indigenous plants, trees and shrubs, which need minimal watering.

At home, there are so many ways to save water and money and this is a great way to involve children so they too learn how to preserve water.

  • Low flow shower heads are an incredible investment as they use less water without you even noticing the difference when showering. Also place a bucket in your shower to catch water whilst showering, to be used on watering plants etc.
  • Placing a balloon filled with water, in your toilet cistern saves litres of water when flushing. Over time this not only saves water but money too!
  • Only use your washing machine when it’s full! Instead of ‘spinning’ laundry dry you can also hang it and let it drip dry over your grass or plant pots, therefore doing two jobs at once.
  • Don’t backwash your pools if not necessary.
  • Rinse dishes over a bucket in the sink instead of using a dishwasher.
  • Don’t keep the tap running when brushing your teeth, you will be amazed at how much water this uses.
  • Instead of throwing used coffee grinds away, scatter them on your lawn or on your plants, as they will help feed them when water resources are scarce.