Wellness is described as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.  Wellness can be described in many dimensions, where we strive for physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social balance.

Dr Ian Player, the legendary conservationist, felt that we lose a sacred gateway to ourselves and our wellness if we don’t spend time in the wilderness. Nature reminds us that the world we live in can be harsh and cruel, but also beautiful and awe-inspiring.  But most importantly, it reminds us, that for anything to survive and thrive, balance is essential.

As worldwide, wilderness areas are shrinking at an alarming rate, Dr Player felt strongly about the creation of protected places where we can still find this balance, like at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

Sanbona offers an untamed and untouched, dramatic and harsh, beautiful and inspirational wildness.  A story of rejuvenation and conservation of a landscape the San people would have seen hundreds of years ago. An experience of connection and balance that echoes the connection and balance we should strive to find in our own wellness.

At Sanbona, luxury accommodation offers you a choice most comfortable for you.  From secluded, luxury tents to explorer tents in the wilderness, from the tranquillity of an historical manor house to a purposely designed lodge that is a sanctuary for family and friends.

Fine dining gives you delicious options, from those that feed your health to those indulgences that feed your soul.  Fuelling your body with fresh locally sourced produce, as well as a selection of inspired delicacies all made in-house by our skilled team of chefs.


Our relaxation retreats are a tranquil space where expert therapists nurture, pamper and soothe – assisted by the pure clean air in the invigorating Karoo.  An array of treatments are offered, using natural products that enhance a magical relaxation journey for rekindling your energy.



It is between thrilling game drives and wilderness walks where you find the space where only nature can be heard. Moments of stillness. Moments of introspection, opening up opportunity to find inner clarity that so many of us miss in our daily lives.

The seasons are a reminder to us that there are cycles in the balancing act of life. Winter is a cycle than can make us weary, where we hunker away from the cold and grey outside and lose touch with the nature that is vital for our own nature to flourish.

The Sanbona Winter Wellness Package  encourages you to take the time for you to reconnect and escape any winter weariness you may be experiencing!

All you have to do is choose your luxury lodge and book our Winter Wellness Package.  We will take care of all that is included, like 2 daily game drives, guided wilderness walks, treatments at the Relaxation Retreats, all your delicious dining and all non-alcoholic beverages.

Take a look at all our packages here.  A Family Getaway Experience could be just the thing for the whole family to escape Winter Weariness.  Or perhaps a you are celebrating a special occasion, then our Special Occasion Package is for you.